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Maestros of Football 2: Hypnotic Dribbling, Attacking, and Goal Scoring Legends in History


The most popular sport globally, football has delivered outstanding players throughout history. Some people have expressed enough and become great legends of the sport. They have surpassed certain milestones in the game and will carry on in the eyes of football fans throughout. Some players are even proficient enough to be described as “Maestros of Football,” as they are the most brilliant figures who control the team’s moves, whether dribbling, striking, or attacking.



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Dribbling is, without a dispute, one of, if not the, most enjoyable facet of football. It is a skill that not anyone can master, but stringing the game like chords in a Spanish guitar once one does. Dribbling is one of several components of the football game. There have been many names that come to mind when we talk about maestros of dribbling. Let’s go through a few, but not all.


The Argentinian player Lionel Messi is at the top of the list. Messi has earned his place fair and square for his exceptional dribbling abilities. He’s one of the sport’s most thrilling dribblers, causing issues for the world’s finest defenders with his energy, athleticism, and deception.


Another name graces the list is that of another Argentinian, Maradona—well-acknowledged as one of the best dribblers ever. There will come no second Maradona, as has been stated numerous times. Maradona could quickly go by opponents; he would use body feints to trick a defender into assuming the reverse of what he would deliver.
Many fans believe Garrincha, the Brazilian player, is the best dribbler. He was known for his ability to speed up any defender, no matter who he was. Garrincha was a joy to watch to every fan of the game that he earned the nickname “Alegria do Povo,” as in the people’s pleasure.


On the maestros of the dribbling list comes the French player Zinedine Zidane. He’s on another level of dribbling, as his skills exceed anyone else in the game. The “Zidane Roulette” maneuver, popularly named after him, is a 360-turn that he mastered and used the most successfully of any player.
George Best is another phenomenally skilled winger many consider one of the best dribblers in history. He dribbles with such rhythm and power that the stadium is in shock. George Best mostly used his right foot to elude defenders; his dribbling is nearly faultless, with an impeccably first touch.




Strikers, or Attackers, are essential assets in a football game. They control the most thrilling aspect of a football game — the score. On the list of legendary strikers come many names. We’ll go over some recent honorable mentions.


Robert Lewandowski – 2018 FIFA World Cup – Match 47.jpg


Robert Lewandowski has it all and is always one step ahead of the game. His mechanics and footwork are flawless. His striking is unsurpassed, and he has an uncanny ability to be in the right spot at the right moment. Stickers need to have the kind of footwork that Lewandowski does. It’s also not by chance: there’s just one potential consequence if the ball falls to him.


Karim Benzema’s game combines more attributes than any other striker as well. He dominates from the front with intense, hard running, superb passing, and an extraordinary eye for goal. Benzema is well-known for his capacity and willingness to slide into further or broader areas and play with midfielders as a number. The French player has kept up the pace over the years.


Another fantastic striker of the day is Luis Suarez. He is brilliant and clever and a terror for every defender. His technical prowess is astounding. He has an unrivaled ability to guard the ball. Suarez’s a natural with the ball at his feet and can create and take chances. He possesses exceptional skills, making him a truly world-class striker.




In football, as a team sport, there is no doubt that goal scorers receive the most glory and heed. Lionel Messi comes through another time on this list. It’s no surprise, as he’s said to be one of the greatest. He’s a real champion in his home country if not so much elsewhere globally, and he can score against any team and from any angle. His intelligence allows him to cut through the field and score goals from tight curves. Give Messi the ball and prepare for a magic show.


Messi is the all-time leading scorer in Europe’s top five leagues. He’s also La Liga’s top scorer, with 759 goals in 961 games—a record he holds from 2003 to the time of this article’s release.


Romario is a respected name for the top goal scorers. He’s a great scorer with excellent instincts. His time with PSV, Barça, and Brazil was of the utmost quality. From 1997 to 2007, he scored 772 goals in 994 games, and his scoring skills and tricks are genuinely remarkable. In 1994, Romario led Brazil to a World Cup victory, hitting five goals.


Next on the list, we’ve got Josef Bican. He played competitively from 1928 until 1955, a career of almost 27 years. For more than 60 years, Bican held the football’s all-time biggest scorer. Although a few stats back up his claim to have hit nearly 1,500 goals during his playing career, FIFA acknowledged only 805.


soccermaestros Cristiano ronaldo


We kept the best for the last for our top goal scorer, Cristiano Ronaldo. If there ever was one ultimate goal-scoring machine, it’s the Portuguese player. He has the world’s best goals and may score by bursting into the field, dashing sideways, then sliding backward. Since his career, he has scored 807 goals across all competitions. He surpassed every other goal scorer in the game, and the best part is that his job is still ongoing. His continual athleticism and insatiable desire are why he remains ahead of everyone in the game.


Football has developed far more like a game over its 150-year history, passing through distinct eras. Football necessitates a great deal of mastery and sportsmanship to achieve. The game has seen names of legends that people will never forget. Even if people forget about the legendary maestros of football, the field won’t ever forget these golden feet.

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