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Lionel Messi LM10: A Brief Look into the Life of the Argentinian Genius



Dedication, surrealism, and ability: a trio that no other than the Argentinian genius – Lionel Messi owns. The world of soccer has seen exceptional players, but very few are those who have left their impact on the game. Lionel Andes Messi is one of, if not the most famous football players of all time.

On June 24, 1987, Lionel Messi was born in Rosario, Argentina, to his most significant influence, his father, Jorge Messi, and his mother, Celia María Cuccittini. He was the third out of 4 siblings. Messi’s father was a steel factory director, while his mother worked in a magnet manufacturing factory. He got his education at Las Heras Elementary School. Growing up in a tight-knit family that had a passion for football, he started playing football at a young age.

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Celia Oliveira Cuccittini saw an unmatched destiny in the little four-year-old boy. Most importantly, his grandmother was the one to see him as a star growing before her eyes. She always promised Lionel Messi a bright future for his career, assuring him he’ll become the best player in the world one day. Celia’s support had a lasting effect on the player, as he still points to the heavens after every goal of his as tribute.

He joined Grandoli, a local club, and Newell’s old boys as a youngster. Sadly, he was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency (GHD), which resulted in a growth issue. Leo’s dreams slowly faded, knowing that his father couldn’t cater to his medical expenses. Though he was disappointed, he had no idea that his road to fame was starting. In their hunt to find a club to help him get proper treatment, his grandparents, Eusebio Messi and Rosa Maria Pérez, were lucky enough to convince one of FC Barcelona’s management members.

Lionel Messi’s life changed for the better when he inked his first deal with FC Barcelona latterly in December 2000. His former local club threatened Barcelona to lose the player if they didn’t prove their commitment. That made Carles Rexach rush to tie the talented boy down and made him sign not an ordinary contract but a napkin contract.

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At 19, Messi has already shown his brilliance on the football field, where the whole world witnessed and compared him to Argentina’s legend Diego Maradona. After playing for the junior team, he finally ranked in the senior team at 16, where he became friends with the star Ronaldinho. Messi was later given the famous number 10 jersey and signed a new contract of 7.8 million dollars, Barcelona’s highest.

As a Family Man

In the romantic aspect of his life, Messi’s story was not any less inspiring. His love story took the childhood sweetheart pathway and started at the age of 5 on the roads of Rosario, his hometown. His relationship with Antonella Roccuzzo blossomed, and in 2007, they got officially married on June 30, 2017. He now has three kids: 10-years-old Thiago Messi, 7-years-old Mateo Messi, and 4-years-old Ciro Messi. Besides being a football legend, Leo has proven to be a loving father and a good husband.



Recently, Messi drove his national team to silverware triumph by winning the Copa America, which happens to be the first since Argentina last lifted this cup in 1993. At FC Barcelona, the seven times Ballon d’Or winner, Lionel Messi, has set the records far too high. Messi scored 672 goals and recorded 266 assists in the 778 matchups for the club across all the competitions. He’s made history by being the only player to win the Ballon d’Or, Fifa World Player, La Liga top goalscorer, and winning Golden Boot all in the same season.

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Lionel Messi’s career with FC Barcelona, his boyhood club, ended in 2020. He announced his departure in tears declaring farewell to his teammates and the city. “After 21 years, I am leaving. I can’t tell you we won’t come back in a few years because this is our home.” Though he had offers from various clubs, he decided to join his former Barcelona teammate, Neymar Jr, in Paris Saint-German. Leo Messi signed a two-year deal with the club, with the possibility of another year. After his contract, Messi receives an estimated net salary of 35 million euros every year.

Mastery and power are synonymous with only one place – the football field, and Lionel Messi has proven to the whole world that no other has reached his level of professionalism. So profound with the ball and an inspiration to everyone, he seems to have the game in his hands. To people with disability, he is known as a fighter and achiever of his goals. To the people of Argentina and Spain, he is known as the son who made them proud on the International Stage.

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